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Why I’m banning climate denial from my blog – aka Comment Policy

Like bloggers all over the universe, I love getting comments on my posts. It makes me feel like real people are reading my work and having real thoughts about it, rather than me just typing into the abyss. And that’s cool.

So I’m going to keep rules around commenting simple and hopefully fair.

Here we go:

  • No spam
  • No personal abuse
  • No hate speech
  • No climate denial

Other things that might bother some people but is totally fine with me – links to your own posts (as long as it’s relevant and not spam), criticising me and my work (as long as not abusive), swearing (I really don’t care).

I expect the last rule is going to be controversial with some people and I said I wanted this to be fair so let’s talk about that quickly. Hopefully the others are self explanatory.

Why I’m not allowing climate denial on my blog

I realise this may seem like authoritarian shutting down of debate and echo chamber creation and I’m sorry because I don’t like to be like that, but this is just not the place for debate about whether climate change is real and humans are causing it. It is and they are and I’m not interested in debating it here. I promise this is the only thing I’m this hardline about.

The thing about climate change denial is it sucks all the energy into it like a black hole vortex. When there’s a conversation about climate change and a denialist shows up, and then everyone else piles on them to argue how wrong they are, it takes over the whole conversation and suddenly everyone is back at square one talking about if the problem even exists or what’s causing it, rather than discussing what to do about it.

I do think there is a value in convincing deniers, because they are obstructing progress and we need them on side, but there are other places to do that, and this blog just isn’t designed for that.

There are other reasons for this ban too, but this is the most important and pragmatic one.

There’s plenty of debate to be had in the climate space. It’s a big world-wide politically charged hot mess of an issue and there’s loads we can disagree on and thrash out.

But this blog takes the basic “climate change is happening and it is serious and humans are causing it by emitting greenhouse gases” thing as a given and if you deny this basic fact then I will not approve your comment.

Oh, and to the person who recently posted a 600-word climate denialist rant on here, sorry you wasted your time but I appreciate the push to finally write this comment policy.

Cover image: Flooded US Highway – Colorado 2013. By US EPA, public domain.

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